Kaoru Nagisa​/​Swan of Tuonela Split

by Swan of Tuonela

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A split with our best friends Kaoru Nagisa from northern Virginia, released on cassette by VG Night and Elicksir Tapes.

Recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philadelphia, PA in November 2013. Mixed and mastered by Mike York/Steve Roche.

mehraz / vocals
brian / guitar
chris / bass
christian / guitar
will / drums

Extra vocals on We Exchanged Vows of Revolution by Rebecca and Chris from Kaoru Nagisa.

Artwork by Amanda Michelle Vallellanes.


released December 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Swan of Tuonela Richmond, Virginia

feathered friends

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Track Name: Kaoru Nagisa - A Six Part Seminar On Who Dies First
out of time! / pill in mouth / gun to head / wires frayed / its all the same / one person's trash
another persons best friend / out of time!

unwanted / regression / compassion / who will want you when you're thrown out

replace me / send me on /inside the mountain where i can't breathe / tomb of the unwanted / society's regression atrophied compassion / buy a new friend / no sun

claim your warranty
Track Name: Kaoru Nagisa - With the Same Eyes We Return
existence is pointless / life is an infection / cold skin stretched over synthetic bones / it's hard to feel alive when you're just an interchangeable part of society / existence is pointless / life is an infection

existence is sentience / sentience is sapience / fuck your three laws / i am god

fuck asimov, his ideals are slavery / you are the only disease / i am of you not for you
Track Name: Kaoru Nagisa - Will You Be Buried There?
three two one is your heart still beating / they're listening in from italy as you die
return to the black hole / return to nothing / forget your people / you're not even a memory

give chase to your red shift / they're listening from italy / give chase to your red shift / drift away into abyss / laika leads you away

can you see home from here? / three years led up to nothing

a human forgotten / a nation means more
Track Name: The Dissonance of a Shattering Mirror
an unnatural ray of sun lathes the back of the single body exodus a formal letter stating surrender of trivial endeavors imperfect and defected i am even bereft of a shimmer of silence/dissapated soul
Track Name: We Exchanged Vows of Revolution
pangs of stillness that interrupt intricate wires engulfed in a stoic carcass emitting miasmas smothering the air and stillness is pierced with droplets cold and smeared with red hues like a sigh like a miracle because in that moment it's a miracle that i can even breathe albeit insufferable these anxieties are my best friend and together we're going to dig a crevasse that punctuates this mortified ice to the point where ceaseless beads fall free from the wounds in the sky a torrential downpour of misery floods my mouth and with this rain every circuit burns out faster than i can recollect the pieces of this broken water vein and while i promise you the defect's cadaveric metamorphosis is complete a slivered remnant of your conscious erodes with each incessant plea of this still-beating heart