Swan of Tuonela​/​War Crimes Split

by Swan of Tuonela

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Alex Hamilton
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Alex Hamilton Noisy, abrasive and passionate. Favorite track: Extrinsic.
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A split with War Crimes from northern Virginia, released on cassette through Elicksir Tapes, This Old Railroad and Quiet Year Records!

Recorded in May 2013 with Pablo Cabrera at Quantum Sounds Studios in Annandale, VA. Mastered by Anthony Vi.

mehraz / vocals
chris / bass
brian / guitar & vocals
christian / guitar
will / drums

Artwork by Jennifer Phan.


released July 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Swan of Tuonela Richmond, Virginia

feathered friends

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Track Name: Extrinsic
shine or don't shine bright young star a perpetual
glimmer forever radiating/beautiful in-disclosed is
the last of my stem/are the webs of green that have
faded like this body/serendipity that i've found
myself in we live through specters different seams of
bleeding colors constantly twisted like the palettes
that judge in self-disgust as flexible as the turn in
senses each prism spills light of those who matter
and those who don't matter at all
Track Name: Spira
perspiration chilled is a failed reminder of my
bashful efforts to kill the monsters i run from every
night through all the familiarity arise the demons of
a soul too pure for this filtered reality in which
i'll grow indefinitely nurtured shaded in this
remembrance of what is real shadows account for what
these hollow shells truly do i know you'd jump this
convolution grows barters itself for lucidity and if
terraform elevates your feet/caught mangled halfway
and in between/should we ever exchange words then i
know that you would jump (i'll run in circles torn
hooves) chariots whipping their red wheels in
constant turbine (the wood i've drawn on my back)
lashing whips from the creaked spokes burn edges
(of the flickering lumen) of the film grain that
plays back a warped projection (burn/deteriorate/die)
in playback forever like the candidates of this
Track Name: Ephemeral
words become byzantine a bitter sweetness is trivial
when tongues are a still brand a mark of judgment
you coat and taste but freeze like solemn statues
when told to be abrasive you hold your scepter high
but we'll never conform to your deciduous haze
Track Name: War Crimes - Ornamental
you've lied well to me between a joyless smile
broken wings take flight amongst catharsis remember
those fictitious nights your tongue splintered and
steel tarnished when will these hands be cleansed of
fervor and acrimony
Track Name: War Crimes - Fallout
we've lived our lives as strangers to ourselves with
crowns of shame on our thrones of dirt i've
embargoed faith my ego revels in the filth of
animosity/self-dissolution enshrined in a willingness
to forgo verdure tiptoing over broken eggshells has
gotten so old how will you remain when your beckoning
Track Name: War Crimes - Salt of Sodom
an arc of light ascends over our monoliths to failure
built on foundations of broken determination by tired
hands of shallow animals it envelops/desecrates with
hands tied and replies arranged this debt collects
these maths deranged a wall-less room bred enfilade
a lifeless plot engorged through days in a glass
house i won't remain falsified remorse in siphoned
shame a sunset in babylon cascades over our shallow
graves in the salt of sodom